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Sell Your RV With Us

Eliminate the hassle of selling your RV. We'll do it for you and get you the best possible price.

Do you have an RV that is 10 years old or newer that you’d be interested in selling? We can help! Big Boy’s Toys has a team of dedicated RV professionals that are ready to help you sell your RV with minimum fuss.

sell your rv with us

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Get Your Consignment or Trade Appraised?. 

Just fill out our online appraisal form and one of our RV lifestyle consultants will be able to get back to you with a trade-in or consignment value.

List On Our Website

We'll set up a detailed listing on our website for your RV so that you can take immediate advantage of our targeted Internet traffic. Your listing will be found in search engines when people search your make and model RV locally.

Professional Sales Team

Our team of RV sales professionals are in frequent contact with buyers looking for specific makes and models of RV’s. They are well versed with local prices and fair market value on Recreational Vehicles.

Convenient No-Hassel Process

We’ll answer the phone calls and the emails from prospective buyers and arrange showings of your RV. Our knowledgeable sales professionals will take the pain, hassle and inconvenience out of selling your RV.

Frequently asked questions about selling your used RV

Do You Accept Any Used RV For Your Consignment Program?

At Big Boy’s Toys Ltd. we have a reputation for selling quality RV’s that we can stand behind when our customers go out to enjoy them with their families. For this reason we are selective when accepting RV’s to be sold on consignment.

  • We would prefer RV’s 10 years of age or newer.
  • We would prefer to list RV’s in good to excellent condition.

If you have an RV that fits the bill then please give us a call.

How Long Will It take to Sell My RV?

That’s a good question and one that is difficult to predict. It’s going to depend on several factors.

  • The time of year.
  • The condition of your coach.
  • The number of other similar units for sale.

If you bring your trailer in excellent, well maintained condition to us in February or March then it’s likely we’d be able to move it much faster then a coach that was poorly maintained and brought to us in November.

How Do You Determine A Fair Asking Price For My RV?

We determine our asking price after a consultation with you and a thorough inspection of the RV by one of our certified technicians. We want our customers to get the most money possible for their RV but that is going to depend on many market conditions.

  • What year is the coach?
  • What about it’s condition?
  • What floorplan do you have?
  • Do you have additional or aftermarket options?
  • How many of the same units are for sale in close proximity?
  • What are those units actually selling for?

When we take in a used RV for sale on our lot we need to make sure the coach will provide years of enjoyment for the next family that purchases it and for these reasons not all RV’s are going to qualify for our consignment service.

How Will I Be Paid When My RV Is Sold?

We have a special trust account at Big Boy’s Toys LTD. that we use to pay out our consignment sales. If you have any questions about methods of payment please contact one of our RV Lifestyle Consultants.</>

Get in touch with one of our RV specialists

We are frequently in contact with buyers who give us specific requirements for their next RV. We just might have someone waiting for your specific RV right now! If you have any questions about selling or possibly trading your RV then please contact one of our sales professionals.

RV Lifestyle Consultant
RV Lifestyle Consultant
RV Lifestyle Consultant

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