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Order 2022

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the RV industry has seen unprecedented demand. With so many North Americans turning to RVing as a safe & cost-effective way to travel, enjoy the outdoors and vacation with family and friends, the popularity of RVing is at an all-time high.his demand has led to inventory shortages and long wait times for delivery.

Luckily, we have hundreds of RVs on order! Purchase your new RV through our dealership and get your RV as soon as possible. 


You don’t have many RVs in-stock. Will you be getting more?


Yes! We have hundreds of RVs on order, and one of them can be yours! Buy your new RV through us and get delivery as fast as possible.


How can I make sure I get an RV for next year?


We encourage you to order your RV as soon as possible. High demand over the past two years has led to long wait times. Plan ahead as best as you can to make sure you get your RV when you need it.


How will I know which models you will be receiving?


We update our website inventory frequently to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. If a specific model is listed on our website, then we are expecting to receive more from the manufacturer.   


Can you order a specific model for me?

While we can certainly order you a specific model from one of our trusted manufacturers, keep in mind that the wait time will be longer. We have hundreds of RVs available that are already pre-ordered. Let us know what model you are looking for, and if we haven’t got that specific one on the way, we can help you find a different option that best suits your needs.


How do I order my RV?

Give us a call or visit the dealership! We will take care of everything and make your shopping experience as seamless as possible.

How about storage if my RV comes in during the winter?

No problem - we will store your unit until your delivery in the Spring!

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