How To DeWinterize Your RV

Winter is over, and it’s time to prepare your RV for the camping season.

Unless you’ve been camping throughout the winter, you’ll need to dewinterize your RV after months of storage. This includes checking and servicing parts you may take for granted and ignore during the warmer months. If you’re ramping up for your first big trip, check out these dewinterizing and maintenance tips to prepare your RV for the road.

Check the exterior

Start by washing your RV’s body, including your awning. It’s easier to spot any damage when everything is clean. Afterwards, check your exterior lights and do a walkaround to take note of any blatant issues. Do not neglect giving your roof a good clean and a thorough inspection for any membrane damage.

Clean and sanitize the interior

Open all doors and windows to clear the stale air that develops over months of disuse. After that, clean the entire interior, including the air vents and replace all the filters. This is important because, aside from dust accumulating, you might also need to clear out pests or pest droppings.

Check your propane

Test your propane levels by turning off all your propane appliances. Check the gas pressure with a gauge and wait for it to stabilize to compare the reading to the tank’s rated pressure. Refill the tank if the gauge indicates your pressure is too low. After testing, remove the gauge and attach the tank’s cap.

Check your tires and brakes 

Check your tires for signs of wear and tear, and then your tire pressure to make sure they’re correctly inflated. Afterwards, inspect the brake pads and lining and note brake fluid levels.

Clean and sanitize your water tank

Flush the antifreeze and all other impurities from your tank and pipes. To do this, turn on all the faucets in your RV and flush the toilet a few times. You should do this until the water runs clear. Afterwards, inspect your water heater and replace your water filters.

Check your batteries 

Unless periodically checked in the off-season, unused batteries will lose some of their charge every month. You should replace your old batteries if they weren’t serviced during the winter. If your batteries are still in good condition, check the charge using a voltmeter and charge & reinstall them if needed. 

Check your generator

Clean your generator of any pests, debris or dust. Afterwards, connect and turn it on for a few minutes to make sure it’s working and still capable of powering your RV. Lastly, drain and replace the oil.

Test your appliances

Turn on all the RV’s appliances, including the stove, oven, fridge, and air conditioner, to ensure they work correctly. You should also test all outlets to ensure your wiring is still properly connected to your battery or solar panel.

Create a checklist

After you’ve cleaned and inspected your RV, create a list of all the accessories and parts that you need. It is best to make this list immediately after your inspection, so you don’t overlook anything during repairs.

Review your documents

Check all your RV documents to ensure you have the proper paperwork before your trip. This should include your RV registration, insurance, and driver’s license. If you have roadside assistance coverage, ensure it’s also up to date.

Have your RV serviced at a reputable dealership

Dewinterizing and preparing your RV for the camping season involves several challenging or time-consuming steps, even for experienced RVers. While we love a do-it-yourself attitude, our top tip is to play it safe if you’re unsure and send your RV to a dealership that offers dewinterizing services.

Additionally, a good dealership will have all the parts and accessories that may need to be replaced, saving you the time of ordering and installing them yourself. 


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