10 Easy RV Camping Recipes

RVing and camping are all about being adventurous and trying new things. Why not add some delicious new recipes to your repertoire? These ten easy RV camping recipes are perfect for campers and travellers of all experience levels. 

From simple one-pot dishes to more elaborate creations, there’s something here for everyone. So get cooking!

10 Easy Breakfast, Mains & Dessert RV Camping Recipes 

Whether you’re wrapping up your summer with one last epic RV camping trip or just getting ready to hit the road, it’s crucial to have an arsenal of delicious camping recipes to keep you full and on a budget! 

These simple meals can be made in your RV kitchen and use as few ingredients and bowls as possible, showing that there’s no need to substitute taste for convenience during your camping adventures.

Breakfast RV Camping Recipes

BBQ Breakfast Scrambler

Breakfast casserole for RV camping.

Rise and shine! Are you getting ready for a day of hiking? Get everyone energized with this easy one-pan egg casserole.


Cinnamon Roll-Ups

Cinnamon buns on wooden skewers served on a wooden plate.

Cinnamon rolls on a grill? Sign me up! This sweet breakfast recipe requires just three ingredients and takes only a few minutes to put together.


Lunch RV Camping Recipes

Avocado and Bacon Chicken Salad

Chicken and avocado salad served on a bun.

Grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store or use up your leftover chicken to make this salad. With this easy recipe, you can whip up sandwiches or salad wraps for the whole family in no time. 


Honey and Lime Chicken Skewers

Grilled chicken on two skewers served on a plate.

Fire up your camper grill for these deliciously smoky grilled skewers bursting with flavour.


Dinner RV Camping Recipes

Instant Pot Pizza Pasta

Pizza pasta dish as a RV camping dinner recipe.

Whip up this fun family meal in only fifteen minutes for cozy nights in front of your RV entertainment centre.


Foil packet potato and meatballs

Meat and potatoes in a foil packet.

This balanced meal travels well and makes the perfect pre or post hiking fuel. Plus, packing it tightly in foil keeps the heat in while you’re on the go.


RV Camping Sides 

Make-ahead coleslaw

Make-ahead coleslaw in a bowl makes a perfect RV camping recipe.

Save this coleslaw in your RV fridge for when you want some veggies in your diet without the effort. Mix two parts yogurt with one part mayo for a healthier dressing. This coleslaw will stay fresh for three to four days and is perfect for long weekend trips.


Grilled Brie with Wine

Grilled brie in a cast iron frying pan with toasted bread served on a plate.

Are you craving something fancy when you’re out in the wild? Try this simple yet sophisticated grilled brie recipe in your cast iron pan. Pair it with lightly charred or toasted bread.


RV Camping Desserts 

S’mores pops

Marshmallows on a stick covered in chocolate.

This isn’t just a quick dessert; it’s also a genius, mess-free take on a classic camping snack that will make you wonder why you never made them this way.


Campfire pie

Campfire pie on a white plate.

You must think that homier desserts are out of the picture on RV camping trips, but as this recipe will show you, there’s a twist for everything. In this case, the twist involves just three ingredients and campfire irons.


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