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Remember To Check Your RV Wheel Bearings

RV Wheel Bearing Maintenance and ReplacementThe wheel bearings on your RV should be checked and inspected for wear every 3 years or 15000 miles.  If you’ve towed or driven your RV off-road in sandy, extremely dusty, wet or muddy conditions then you should shorten that interval to once a year or before/after any trips where the RV has been taken “off-pavement”.

Worn out wheel bearings can quickly leave you stranded on the side of the road somewhere.  We’ve all driven by a travel trailer or RV on the side of the highway before with one wheel removed.  The culprit is more often then not a wheel bearing that has destroyed itself from the excessive heat and contaminant build up from a lack of clean grease.

To avoid this issue it’s important your wheel bearings are checked and re-packed with the appropriate wheel bearing grease at intervals that reflect how your RV is used.

Worn out wheel bearings can also cause other driveability and maintenance issues with your RV too.  Increased tire wear is one issue that we commonly see along with strange vibrations at certain travel speeds and other non-desirable handling characteristics.

Do You Wan’t The Professionals To Check Your RV Wheel Bearings?

At Big Boy’s Toys one of our trained RV service technicians will be able to inspect your wheel bearings for excess wear and re-pack them with the necessary grease to ensure another smooth RV season.  We will also inspect your braking system at the same time.  Worn out wheel bearings in RV’s (especially travel trailers) are a very common problem that affects hundreds of family RV vacations every year.  Don’t let worn out wheel bearings ruin your trip!

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