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Maintaining The Roof On Your RV

Don't slack on your roof maintenance


As an RV dealer we see countless RV’s every year that come in for water damage related repairs that could have been potentially avoided with a more rigorous maintenance routine.  Your RV roof must be maintained in order to protect it from mildew, mold and UV damage.  A clean roof also helps reflect the light and heat during the hottest summer months or for your trips down south.

Why Does Your RV Get So Dirty?

Here on the Island some of our customers park their RV’s in covered storage or temporary shelters while others simply park their RV outside year round.  An actual covered area for the RV offers significant protection against the mold, mildew, pollens and other organic materials and debris that can collect on the roof of your RV.   For those who don’t have this option an RV cover (that can breathe) or regular washings will help keep your roof clean and looking beautiful.

If you store your RV in an area with towering trees (at least taller than the RV) you’ll find that the mildews, pollens and other organic materials will build up quite quickly.  In this case without an RV cover you must be diligent with your roof cleaning at least 3 or 4 times per year.  The regular cleaning will wash away the organic materials that allow the mildews and molds to grow.

Your RV Roof Quality Affects Trade In Value

Maintaining the roof on your RV doesn’t just help prevent leaks and UV damage.  An RV with a roof that has been well maintained will fetch a higher re-sale or trade-in value than a roof on an RV that has been heavily stained with mold or mildew growth.

So How Do You Keep Your RV Roof Clean?

When you buy a Jayco RV you’ll have the option of actually walking around on your roof as it’s strong enough to hold you.  With a very soft bristled scrub brush and a bucket of water with RV roof cleaner you can make short work of most RV roofs.  Be careful using a pressure washer as you don’t want to blast any of the caulking or sealants with such high pressure.

At Big Boy’s Toys we have a 2500 square foot retail RV parts and accessories store where we offer a wide variety of RV roof cleaning and RV roof protectant products that we recommend for use on your Jayco or other make RV.  If you don’t feel safe or have the time to clean the roof on your RV properly we can do this for you through our service department.

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