What Does Jayco Quality Mean?


It means a better, more solidly built trailer or motorhome that will take you and your family on many RV’ing adventures.  It means better quality materials and a higher attention to detail than many of our competitors.


Jayco Construction Screwed Vs Stapled

Screwed Construction vs Stapled Construction

We screw down 3/8″ roof decking at each seam, which creates a more firmly secured structure and reduces the chance of fasteners coming loose and puncturing the rubber roof material.  Competitors staple their decking, which is not as strong or as reliable as screwed construction.

Jayco Roof Studs

2″ x 2″ Vertical Wood Studs vs 1″ Aluminum Piece

The Magnum Roof System uses 2 x 2 vertical studs, strategically placed to maximize load capacity. Nail plates also are used on both sides of the vertical stud to further enhance strength.  Many of our competitors use a 1″ piece of aluminum as their vertical support, which provides less strength in important areas.

7″ Header Beam vs 2″ x 6″ Lumber

Between the roof and slideout openings, we use 7″ header beams, a more acceptable material used in home construction for load-bearing beams. Competitors use a 2 x 6 piece of lumber, which creates a weaker 5 1/2″ beam.

Jayco Quality Construction Nail Plates

Oversized Nail Plates vs Smaller Nail Plates

Jayco uses oversized nail plate joint fasteners on both sides of the trusses, making for a much tighter truss with less chance of movement.  Many of our competitors use smaller nail plates in their RV construction, and in most areas, only use them on one side of the truss, increasing the likelihood the roof will flex.

Jayco RV Quality Wiring

Safer Wiring vs Less Safe Wiring

The 2 x 2 vertical studs provide smoother edges along which to run wiring, greatly reducing the risk of electrical shorts.  With the 1″ aluminum piece and its sharp edges, our competitors’ roofs are more likely to have electrical shorts.  Just imagine the many miles of road vibration your RV will experience and how that will take it’s toll on wiring.

Jayco Roof Strength

4,500 lbs. on a Jayco Roof

The Magnum Truss Roof System withstood 4,500 lbs., showing that Jayco’s exclusive roof construction can hold a 50 percent heavier load than the competition. This strength translates into durability and is a result of superior quality construction.

The video below explains the Magnum Truss Roof System by Jayco.  When you own an RV in BC snow is something you need to consider and the Jayco roof system comes out a clear winner when put to the test.  Having the ability to walk around on the roof of your RV saves you on maintenance time and money down the road and many competitors RV’s don’t even offer a ladder, that’s a sure sign they don’t you walking on the roof.

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