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It’s Time To Take Your Kids RVing

take-your-kids-rv-camping-fishingWhen was the last time you went camping with your kids?  There are so many things to see and do in our own backyard here in BC that you could keep busy for almost your entire lifetime and still never manage to see and experience all this province has to offer.  No flights needed, no hotels to book complete freedom and family fun is what the RV lifestyle is all about.

Do you remember how excited you used to get when your parents took you camping?  The smell and warmth of the campfire, the beautiful bright starlit nights, staying up late, making new friends, seeing the countryside and exploring.  This new video from GORVing Canada talks about bringing back kids “wild hood”.

Instead of spending hours on video games and TV why not spends hours exploring the trails through a beautiful old growth rain forest.  Or maybe fly fishing on a secluded lake with your son or daughter for that first morning bite as the mist rises from the smooth as glass waters surface and you just know… It’s going to be a good morning.  These are life experiences you can’t get watching TV and more and more families are taking up the RV and camping lifestyle in BC with BC Parks reporting it’s 3rd straight year of growth in the number of campers utilizing BC parks facilities.

Getting Into An RV Is Surprisingly Affordable

One of the biggest barriers in getting a family into the RV lifestyle is the cost.  With many manufacturer incentives available and financing terms available from 5-20 years it’s become surprisingly affordable to purchase an RV.  With literally hundreds of makes and models available for all sizes of tow vehicles there is surely a perfect RV for your family.

Tent trailers can be towed by minivans and SUV’s and they start at less than $20,000 for a new unit.  Travel trailers can be towed by many 1/2 ton pickups (and some SUV’s) and they range in price from $18,000 – $40,000+ for new units with a family oriented floorplan.  5th wheels are perfect for those really long hauls or semi-permanent living quarters and they start in the $30,000 – $100,000 range depending on how luxurious you’d like your camping trips to be.

If you really want to travel in style there are Class A, B and C motorhomes to choose from as well which offer up all of the amenities and luxuries of many 4 star hotels.

You Don’t Have To Buy An RV To Enjoy An RV

Big Boy’s Toys Ltd. understands that an RV isn’t in the budget for every family and that’s OK.  Renting an RV is also very affordable and offers all the enjoyment of ownership without any of the associated costs and maintenance commitments.  Big Boy’s Toys Ltd. rents both travel trailers and motorhomes.


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