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Everything You Needed To Know About Your RV Electrical System

Do You Really Need To Install Dual Batteries?
Installing Dual Batteries Into Your RV

Installing Dual Batteries Into Your RV

One of the questions our RV customers often ask us is about battery power.  Many new (and some more experienced RV’ers) want to know if they are going to need to install dual (or possibly more) batteries into their RV be it a travel trailer or a motorhome.  Most Class A, B and C motorhomes already have dual battery systems in place, some even have larger battery banks consisting of 2-6 batteries!  So this article is going to focus on those of you who currently only have one battery and might be considering an upgrade.

If you want to extend the life of your RV batteries and have the electricity available to meet all of your needs then you need to have a very basic understanding of how your RV batteries worked.  The [...]

Big Boy’s Toys is proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 Sunfest County Music Festival in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.  Sunfest has become an internationally famous country music festival drawing thousands of visitors onto Vancouver Island to see some of the hottest stars in country music perform.

This Years Sunfest Line-Up Includes:

  • Keith Urban
  • Lee Bryce
  • Sam Hunt
  • John Nichols
  • Chasin’ Crazy
  • Beverley Mahood
  • The Washboard Union
  • Thomas Rhett
  • Karen Lee Batten
  • Madeline Merlo
  • Chris Buck Band
  • Jack Connolly


5 Things You Need To Know About Sunfest 2015

These five items are directly from Sunfest Management and we’re just including them on our website as a courtesy to help keep people informed of some of the official rules so everyone can have some fun.

#1.  Waste Management and Waste Reduction

Sunfest Country Music Festival is a ‘What You Bring In, You Pack Out’ event.  Sunfest 2015 marks the [...]

Planning An RV Trip Through BC

For the family or couple that loves to travel with an RV the province of BC has an endless amount of beautiful government run camp grounds and private RV parks to use as your base of exploration.  Thanks to the Internet and the huge amount of resources available for RV’ers planning an RV trip has never been easier.  With more than 200 provincially run campgrounds and hundreds more private campgrounds the RV’ing family has plenty of choices the problem is just having the time to experience the best ones.

Here Are A Few Tips For Planning Your RV Camping Trips In BC

#1.  Book Provincial Sites As Early As You Can

If you want to enjoy some of the more popular campgrounds in BC during peak times it’s very important to [...]

RV Wheel Bearing Maintenance and ReplacementThe wheel bearings on your RV should be checked and inspected for wear every 3 years or 15000 miles.  If you’ve towed or driven your RV off-road in sandy, extremely dusty, wet or muddy conditions then you should shorten that interval to once a year or before/after any trips where the RV has been taken “off-pavement”.

Worn out wheel bearings can quickly leave you stranded on the side of the road somewhere.  We’ve all driven by a travel trailer or RV on the side of the highway before with one wheel removed.  The culprit is more often then not a wheel bearing that has destroyed itself from the excessive heat and contaminant build up from a lack of clean grease.

To avoid this issue it’s important your wheel bearings are checked and re-packed with the appropriate [...]

Maintaining The Roof On Your RV

Don't slack on your roof maintenance


As an RV dealer we see countless RV’s every year that come in for water damage related repairs that could have been potentially avoided with a more rigorous maintenance routine.  Your RV roof must be maintained in order to protect it from mildew, mold and UV damage.  A clean roof also helps reflect the light and heat during the hottest summer months or for your trips down south.

Why Does Your RV Get So Dirty?

Here on the Island some of our customers park their RV’s in covered storage or temporary shelters while others simply park their RV outside year round.  An actual covered area for the RV offers significant protection against the mold, mildew, pollens and other organic materials and debris that can collect on the roof of your RV.   For those who don’t [...]

Two Courtenay dreams Filled On The same day

Big Boy's Toys Was Proud To Be Able To Help


By Scott Stanfield and Terry Farrell (original article here)

Spring break promises to be a memorable time for two Courtenay youngsters, thanks to a Vancouver Island charity that grants wishes to children with life-threatening conditions.  Four-year-old Nikko, who suffers from severe chronic lung disease, will travel to Maui with his family.  Eleven-year-old Markus, who has overcome two brain tumours, will drive to Disneyland with his parents, Mark and Yvonne.

The trips are compliments of Help Fill A Dream — a foundation that helps Vancouver Island children by fulfilling dreams, and assisting families financially.

“We believe that every dream is a story of joy and healing,” the foundation’s executive director Craig Smith said. “How amazing to be making two dreams come true on one day.”

Nikko was presented his Hawaiian beach dream at home Thursday. Markus received [...]

help-fill-a-dream-logoVictoria, Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two Courtenay children will have their Spring Break Dreams become a reality on the same day. Nikko and Markus have very different ideas about what their Dream trip should be; however there is little doubt that each trip will create countless happy memories for both boys and their families.

Nikko, age 4, who suffers from severe chronic lung disease, will travel to Maui with his mom, dad and older brother. He will enjoy time playing in the sand and swimming in the warm blue waters. This trip is a milestone for Nikko in many ways as it has been less than a year since he had his trach removed and he is now able to go to the beach. Nikko can now speak, laugh and cry. This trip will provide some [...]

Hitching Up Your Trailer

All hitches aren't the same!
Hitching Your RV

Hitching a fifth wheel or travel trailer to your tow vehicle is the marriage of the units and it should be considered extremely important! Too stiff or too soft causes failure and poor road handling and towing conditions.  The wrong hitch or poorly setup hitch can actually be very dangerous.

Do not assume your hitch will work with a different trailer or fifth wheel.  Always double check first.

Maintaining The Tires on Your RV

Proper tire pressure makes a difference in towing.
RV Tire Pressure

It’s a good idea to check your tire pressure monthly to ensure long life and road stability of your trailer, fifth wheel or motor home.  Improperly inflated tires can lead to pre-mature tire and towing/handling issues that could be avoided with the proper air pressure.

Check your manual or door sticker for proper P.S.I. ratings for your specific tires.  If you have aftermarket tires or have replaced the originals you’ll need to look on the tire for the proper ratings.  Motorhomes with dual wheels on the rear should have flexible valve extensions for the rear inside tires.

All tires have dates of manufacture on them and RV tires last 10 years at best! Do not store your tires in mud!

Take Your Home Along On a Holiday

With low gas prices still present RVs are a perfect fit for anyone to hit the road on a family vacation

2015-melbourne-29D (1)Big Boy’s Toys Ltd. was recently featured in the Nanaimo Daily news.  You can view the original article here.

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to think about the family vacation. And with gasoline prices dropping to levels we haven’t seen in 30 years, it makes sense to look at all the alternatives.

You can take the family car, and camp out or stay in motels and hotels. You might want to fly to a resort and pay for accommodations and meals or. .. you could take your accommodation with you, including the kitchen, in a modern motorhome. We visited Big Boy’s Toys in Nanoose Bay, Parksville, to see what’s hot in the RV world today.

Motorhomes are built on cab/chassis provided by the major auto manufacturers. That includes the cabin, engine, transmission and [...]

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